drnk.com ?

As it turns out, I barely even knew what even was going on tonight.
I'm sorry to anyone that felt the effects of my (our??) drinking.
(especially my special lady friend?, our designated driver! The most important person of the night!!)
I blame the wine!

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I'll be seeing you when all my days boil down.

It's days like these where I wish I had a sibling to share this extra helping of bologna with.
Last Monday my dad suffered an acute myocardial infarction. Those are fancy words for a heart attack. He is no longer with us. I'll be flying to Seattle on Wednesday for services on Thursday in Othello, and a military honors service on Saturday when he's placed into a mausoleum at Calvary cemetery in Yakima. Clearly, this past week hasn't been one of my best! I felt like I had been dealing with everything pretty well, but yesterday felt extra difficult for some reason, and I was on the verge of something not awesome...
And then I went home for lunch and found an eviction notice taped to my door.
So, if you happen to know of a place on South Beach for under $800/month, please let me know!


Dear Bestestest Internet Friends,
I'm pretty sure I've told you this before, but that was a long time ago, so I thought I would say it again.
I am on the twitter. Plz 2B my friend there, ok?
I will love you forever, and probably try to have sex with you, but you will like it!

Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer!

Hello again, internets!
I thought you might be interested in knowing that my mobile phone has a web server running on it, and you can login and take pictures with my phone's camera.
That is all for now.
If you get any loller pics, post them in the comments or add them to this pool. (My phone doesn't save the images you take.) http://www.flickr.com/groups/697662@N23/pool/