FANLESS (fanless) wrote,

who says models are dum?

A client sends me a mock up along with the images to be used on their card. I start creating the card and realize that they didn't send me one of the images that is in their mock up. I send them an email with an incomplete proof showing a blank space where the missing image should be, along with a note stating that I am missing one image.
They email me back with an image that they had already sent me, and is already on the proof. I email them back saying I already have that image and it is a different image I'm missing. Then they send me their mock up again! I email them again explaining once again that I already have the mock up... That's how I made the proof. But I'm still missing one image.
Today they sent me another image saying "Is this the right image?"
Guess what...? IT'S NOT THE RIGHT IMAGE!!

hello, turn on brain, please!
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