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The FANLESS Story So Far....
Don't waste your time on me; you're already...
You should buy a Drobo this weekend!
What is a Drobo? Click Here to Find Out Lowest price ever on these Drobos (after promo code): Drobo (4-bay USB / Firewire): $298 Drobo FS (5-bay Gigabit Ethernet File Sharing): $598 Drobo S (5-bay eSATA / USB / Firewire): $698 Drobo Pro (8-bay iSCSI / USB / Firewire): $1398 Enter the promo code DOUBLEDROBO when you buy. You’ll receive the prices above, and you’ll also be entered for about a one-in-four chance to win a second Drobo for every one you ordered. 
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