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The FANLESS Story So Far....
Don't waste your time on me; you're already...
Today's dilemma is centered around what I should throw some money at.
~$200 for a Photoshop CS3 Upgrade? (so very moist with anticipation for this!)
~$310 for 3GB RAM for my hopefully-soon-to-be-arriving-iMac? (moist +1!)
~$450+ for new forks, bars, cranks, pedals, stem, pivotal seat/seat post, grips, detangler, chainring, brake lever, chain, and cables for my Pork? (I've been waiting to get this stuff for so long I'm almost over it already)
or... ~$400+ to fly to the Seattle Supercross?
If I don't make a decision soon I'll end up blowing double that much at Club Madonna!
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This is happening across the street right now!

It is very loud, yet not sounding all that great.
If you're interested, come on over!
I don't know who any of these people are, but some kind of hot girl with nasty teef axed me if I knew if John B was over there. I guess John B is kind of a big deal.
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I can't wait until my new computer shows up! There are so many thing I want to tell the innernets, but my computer is so frustrating to use I get over it before I even start. And they're all small dumb things like "I will probably be frequenting many of these things over the next few days." or "Jules is a homo!" or... You know, the really really ridiculously important stuff. Like the fact that I just paused iTunes exactly 1:18 into the same song 3 times in a row because I was interrupted by 3 different people. Goocher, or what? I don't like this. Sincerely. I'm probably going to die before the end of today.
It's been real...
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I am currently experiencing the slowest morning in the history of mornings!
And I'm listening to Coldplay by choice.
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Dear innernets,
Please go to 95.5's Baby Idol and look for Mia's picture. It looks like this:

I'll be your best friend and all of your wildest dreams will come true if you give Mia a 10 and everyone else 1.
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I believe I get to work on a bikini calendar today!!

Actually, now that I said that I'll probably have to retouch some dude's pubes or something instead.
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plz leave a comment to this post with your twitter name/url.
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Will I burn in hell if I admit to liking Ashley Parker Angel??
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Recently, Brandon and I have put our bikes on a diet. Here is a list of parts I plan on purchasing this week. $900+ is a bit of a tough pill to swallow, but you have to pay to play, I guess. PLZ advise if there are some things on the list that you think are shady, and please suggest alternates. I've actually already ordered a different wheelset and the brake. They should be delivered later today. Also, I don't necessarily want to order from Uncle Dan, so I'm open to suggestions there too. Especially if a 15%+ hook-up is included! Pay attention to how my Pork (somewhat updated pic) looks now because before too long I think the frame will be the only part on it left the same. I hope to get it down to around 25 lbs. I think it's close to 35 now! I guess buying all of those parts means I won't be going to the Seattle Supercross this year. I'll still try to go if a butt-load of money falls into my lap.

In other spending money news, I purchased another 500 GB drive this weekend. Now I can take the 250 GB drive out of one of my firewire enclosures and put it in my PC. The new 500 GB drive will go into the then vacant enclosure. I'd still like to be able to find 2 or 3 120 GB drives for a reasonable price to use up my older Firewire enclosures. It kind of sucks that I can get drives with 2-3x as much storage space for the same amount of money, but they won't work in these enclosures. I'd like to use 1 120 GB drive as a backup for my iTunes music, and another for my iPhoto backup. I don't know what exactly I would use the 3rd one for, but I know I could fill it up really quick.

I will be super unhappy if Apple doesn't call me back at some point today. We are nearing 2 months since my iMac died. I really miss it!
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A bunch of nerdy kids are attacking me!!
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Goatse stickers!, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Goatse stickers!

These innernets are awesome! All I have to do is say "SEND ME GOATSE STICKERS!!1!" and 3 days later I find them in my mailbox!
(plz send more!!)
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Valentine's day fallout!, originally uploaded by FANLESS.

Found in my building's stairwell!

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I really wish I could post this video I just received in an email, but I cherish my job and the wealth that I have too much to risk "legal actions" again. Believe it or not, I am able to learn from my mistakes (which is not actually saying I ever made a mistake).
Anyways, in today's email of the day, I received a video clip of a model doing the most horrendous runway walk I have ever seen. And while the video content is not so great, that's not what makes this the email of the day... What makes this the email of the day is... How in the ToriAnus(.com!) do they expect me to put a video on their comp card??
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Which is nastier? Picking your nose and eating it or busting a nut into your own mouth?
Obviously probably not safe for work.
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If you forgot to buy me a Valentine's day present, you can make it up to me by getting me some Goatse stickers! They might be super old meme by now, but they're new to me. (the stickers, not goatse).
And I guess the stickers are not awesome if you don't know all about the Goatse man. ( potentially not safe for work)
I'm serious! I want some of these stickers!!
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I've been using Hotmail for over 10 years now!
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Yesterday I took a long lunch and walked over to Ocean Drive to see New Found Glory. These are some pictures I took.Collapse )
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This weekend is usually one of my favorite weekends on the beach: VOLLEYPALOOZA!
Except... last year there was no Volleypalooza and this year it's at some place called Shulaville. Where is Shulaville? I hope it's just some made-up area of the beach. Because, Volleypalooza without South Beach is like... Ham without burger! It has to be some part of the beach. I just wish the website wasn't so vague. I'm guessing that Shulaville is somewhere near 8th and Ocean.

Also happening on the beach on Thursday: NEW FOUND GLORY!! NFG is pretty much my favorite active band of all time!! I got to see them for the 675654654654564th time back in November in Ft. Lauderdale and now, according to their website they're playing in Lummus Park during halftime of the Directv Celebrity Beach Bowl, and I MIGHT be able to see them again. I mean, look how close they will be! The only problem? 1PM on a Thursday? Yeah, I'll be at work. We'll see how that works out.

Oh, I almost forgot... I'm going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers tomorrow night.
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hallo innernets,
plz 2b my friend f you are using the twitter!
I have just one friend on the twitter and it would be fabulous if you would be my friend on the twitter.
I am still not in the thinking that twitter is awesome, but I am still trying to give it a shot. Maybe it would be more interesting to me if some IRL people were using it and I was their friend.
Otherwise, it seems a little too "HAY LQQK AT ME AND THE TOTALLY AWESUM THINGZ I BE DOING zOMG!!!" for me, if you can believe that since I am pretty much all about the "Hey guys I am awesome and this is why you should think so!".
Hey, look! I even added a twitter thing to my sidebar. I can't wait until I have so many things in my sidebar that it makes the innernets assplode. That time should be nearing now.
I also added a Netflix thing a few days ago but I didn't implement it all that well because I was lazy and over it.

P.S.: PLZ be my netflix friend!!
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I am SO MOIST with anticipation to see if my poster makes it into the movie.

Oh, also... PLZ add me as a friend on netflix. My email address is netflix dawt (except it's the actual dot) com at fanlessdawtkawm.
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Here is my Christmas list for 2K6!

1. Nabaztag Rabbit - I am so dying to get one of these. I think mainly just so I can allow people like you visiting this site to send it messages. I got an i-Dog (Pink, naturally!) for my birthday from Kim and Brandon, and it's pretty cool, but still not a talking electronic rabbit.

2. Azonic Surround Sound Helmet - I'm still very happy with my several-years-old Knucklebone Jumper. In fact, I prefer its metallic blue color over any of the Azonic offerings, but the Knucklebone doesn't have awesome speakers built into it! Actually, I don't know how awesome the speakers sound, but I really like the concept.

3. Apple iPhone - I've about had it with my RAZR so I am dying to get a new phone. Failing that, I have a super-hard boner for the Nokia N93.

4. XXL Thor Corporate Tee - I've been wanting this tee for about 5 or so months now. I've been trying to get a cut-rate price via my region's marketing specialist, but... I'm still waiting. I want it in any of the 6 colors, with Brown at the top and black on the bottom of my priority list.

5. Mint License - I have come so close to buying this for myself so many times, but I never go all the way. I mean, $30 for pretty web site stats? I'm pretty sure I could find something a lot better to spend my money on. I want it pretty bad, but I don't think I want it $30 bad.

6. CDFinder - I will probably buy this for myself once version 5 comes out, assuming there isn't a price increase.

7. BluePhoneElite - Another piece of software that I want kind of bad, but I'm having trouble justifying its price. I really like being able to txt/sms people through my phone, but typing on my computer's keyboard. Oh, and the big ass caller ID display on my computer's screen is nice too.

8. 2007 FX Adventure Team FX Limited Edition - Just watch some of the videos and you'll want one too!

9. ??? - I forgot what #9 was going to be. A new brain perhaps??

10. Barquee - This probably shouldn't even be on my list, but I really like looking at it. I initially liked it because of its keyboard shortcuts for iTunes, but now that I own Sizzling Keys I really don't need it. I probably would have bought it before Sizzling Keys if there were new themes for it, and if it were only $5-8. Maybe one day I'll be bored enough to make my own theme.
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I will be landing at Sea-Tac at about 12:30 PM tomorrow.
PLZ call 786 299 6176 if you want to try to take my virginity hang out.
I will be traveling to Othello on Friday, but I should be back in Seattle sometime on Monday, and then flying back to Miami on Tuesday.
Please don’t bomb/hijack/crash/delay/cancel/whatever these flights!
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I think I'm in love with this girl!
I mean, I don't know her... (and I don't know who the dude is) but I'm pretty sure I WOULD!!
And the most awesome part is that she's a midget!
So that means my peep would probably look kind of big next to her!
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I'm not sure if this is apparent or not, but I am pretty much a James Stewart SuperFan #1.
And... I really love whips!
So what happens when you combine the two? LIQUID EXPLOSION IN MY PANTS!

Show media Loading...
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I guess my liveurinal doesn't like the video, calling it invalid and whatnot, but that Bubba guy is kind of good on them dirtbikes.
Trying to figure out how a person can land a whip that ginormous makes my brain itch.
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Hello, I am trying to settle on a Linux distro and beyond that, a desktop environment (So far Ubuntu, Fedore Core and OpenSUSE are on my radar).
These are all fine and dandy but I haven't been able to get them to do exactly what I want them to do. At least not as easily as on my Mac.
First on my list of things I want to find is something like MenuMeters. I have the system monitor panel thing in Gnome, but... I just get graphs (more info with my mouse over each panel, but...). I want numbers/percentages like I get with MenuMeters. Something that shows how much memory I have free, how fast info is transferring on my network and what % my CPU is running at.
Next, I am after some sort of Called ID app.
And lastly, an RSS reader like RSS Menu.
plz advise.

Also, is there a site like MacUpdate.com or Versiontrackler.com for Linux apps? I know about gnomefiles.org and freshmeat.com and of course the sourceforge but... None of them seem as simple as macupdate/VT. Am I missing some superaresome site??


Oh, and one last thing... Please tell me about awesome Linux things that aren't really boring text things that run in a terminal window. I guess you can tell me about text things that run in a terminal window aslong as they're r1lly aw3z0m!
I'm just really bored with my computer so I'm trying to find/learn some new things.
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Can you guess why this folder is funny to me?

If this girl was born after 1987, then her parents must be assholes for naming her that. I mean, that's about as cruel as naming your kid Bobby or Cindy if your last name is Brady.
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Based on the fact that I am pretty much over life and can't wait to check out, I'm pretty sure I will live forever.
Having said that, if you would like to be able to say "I slept with Christian way back when he was just 31 years old." some day, then you need to get on the stick! I have just 2 weeks left as a 31 year old.
(this offer is only applicable to single females born before 1988. I am available for appearances anywhere within a 10 block radius of the Miami Beach jail. Further, if traveling expenses are paid. hey, traveling expenses are way cheaper than what some are charging![link possibly not safe for work])

Also... Uh... I want to say something about iSpeed but I don't know what. Apparently it was developed by a 13 year old kid and that has placed me in a conundrum.
One one hand, it seems kind of awesome that a 13 year old can/would develop apps.
On the other hand, I can't really say anything about iSpeed because I haven't tried it yet. I'm too scared it will jack up my Mac. After all, it was developed by a 13 year old.
But wait... I thought it was awesome that a 13 year old can/would develop apps?
Well, yeah... But I'm still too skurred to try his app.
(actually, I wouldn't have tried it even if it was made by a 45 year tech veteran because it's not in english. I AM DUM AMERICAN AND I BARELY KNOW 1 LANGUAGE!!)
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This is Drake McElroy at the last round of the 2006 Dew Action Sports Tour in Orlando Fl.
Drake can do tricks on a motorcycle.
You can email Drake by clicking on this word here.

He is designing a new site for you.

Be patient.

This is Myles Richmond. Can you tell that I am very much into the sequence thing? If I had a better/newer camera I could have added a couple more shots to this. Like him taking off and landing. Oh, and in case you can't tell, he's actually traveling from right to left!

This is Robbie Maddison. This isn't really a sequence deal, but neither of these picture were all that great on their own. I really liked that he was looking right at me so I stuck them together. Plus, I just really like whips!
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Is this hot? Because one part of my brain is saying "Yes, you dickfur!! This is hot! WATCH IT AGAIN!" and another part is like "Um... this looks kind of ridiculous and she should clean her room and I think this girl might actually be young enough to be my daughter so I'm probably going to hell (or jail!) for watching this!"


Same scenario.

Oh, this reminds me of last year's Halloween when I was on Lincoln Road! I have no Halloween plans as of this moment. Maybe I'll be on Lincoln Road again and MAYBE those girls will be there again too. That would be awesome.
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...so there I am at work, and I look up and I see this guy making a fort out of truck doors and I knew exactly what was going to happen because I've done similar things a million times before. The main difference is that I was always in the middle of nowhere (or drnk!) when I've had to pee outside.

...and then the guy was like LOL PLZ DON'T REPORT ME, K?
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